In The Works

Upcoming releases

  • November 2017 – “The Mystery of the Missing Presents – The Very Mysterious Christmas bundle
  • December 2017 – “The Lady of Winter” – Midwinter Fae (Volume #2 in the series A Procession of Faeries)
  • January 2018 – name TBD – feline hero story bundle
  • March 2018 – “Twin Wishes” – Fiction River: Wishes
  • March 2018 – “Gardening for Souls” – a monster-themed story bundle (tentative)
  • Winter/spring 2018 – Entangled by Midsummer
  • February/March 2018 – as-yet-unnamed fairy tale dragon story – fairy tale-themed story bundle
  • 2018 – “The Late Bloomer” – as-yet-unnamed-monster-themed story bundle
  • July 2018 – “Haunted” – Fiction River: Hard Choices

In Development

Here are the projects I’m currently working on. Note that “currently” might mean “I started working on the second draft, then wrote a short story that turned into a novel, and I haven’t gotten back to this one yet.” This is where being able to work on multiple stories at once collides with having a day job and not enough time to write…

Sometimes I have the perfect title from the start, and sometimes I don’t. When I don’t, I use a working title so that I know which story I’m referring to. (Also, it helps when I have to name a file on my computer.)

Don’t expect great descriptions here … and remember these are works in progress, and are subject to change.

Entangled Worlds

This is a collection of contemporary fantasy stories, and includes standalone stories and a series set in the same universe.

Unnamed witch series

I’m planning a novella as a sequel to Bewitchery. I found a second stock photo with the model who appears on the cover of Bewitchery, and I liked this picture so much that I decided I had to write a story around it.

I’d like this to turn into a series of novellas, although it’s too early to tell if that’s going to work out.

The Lost Gold Mine

The protagonist in this story goes back to the 1800s to find his great-great grandfather – and a map to a lost gold mine.

This story began as a short story I wrote for an assignment at a writing workshop I attended in Oregon in September 2016. I never expected to write a time travel story, but once I started I realized I really liked this story – and that it was really a novel.

Working Title: The Warmth of the Crystal

All the friends Claire grew up with with have careers they care about, families they love, and they do things. Claire has a boring, dead-end job and expects to be single forever. The most important things in her life are her accordion and her cat, Mr. Pheebottom. One day she accidentally ends up with a crystal ball – and it’s a real crystal ball. Except instead of showing her future, it shows her things happening in other people’s futures – bad things. Because she knows what is going to happen ahead of time, she can change the future and prevent these horrible things from coming true … but this is a tremendous responsibility, and a tremendous burden. Imagine you had the flu and wanted to stay home and watch TV, but you knew you had to go out in the rain and pull someone out of the way of a car or they’d die.

This story began as a short story (of course). I’d had it in mind for years, and finally decided to write it last year. I was very surprised when I realized it was actually a novel.


About 1/3 of the way through the first draft. Have about 20,000 words written.

Working Title: Stella

My current plan is for this to be three related books. Stella is an actress at theaters in the Old West, probably the early 1870s – although if I really do write three books this could span a few years of time. I originally envisioned this as more of a mystery series in which Stella solves crimes, but the concept is growing and I suspect this will all turn into something very different. In a class a few years ago I wrote a scene from the perspective of one of her two love interests (one is a white man, and the other his Indian partner – and blood brother). I intended that scene to be exploratory, and wrote it thinking it was just to help me figure out more about the story…and it turned into something very different. I don’t know where this story will go now, but it’s much richer than my original idea. Since I have a few other projects to finish first – and since this is a complex story that requires a fair bit of research – I’m making notes about this, but won’t really work on it for a while. I am really looking forward to working on this project.


A few scenes written. Compiling notes and researching.

Working Title: The Jennys

I haven’t worked on this in years, but several of the people who read a very early draft ages and ages ago still ask when I’m going to finish it, so I decided to put it on this list. My plan is to do a complete rewrite and not edit the existing draft. I started working on this over ten years ago and I’m a much better writer now, so I’d like to start fresh and then go back to the original manuscript to see what I missed.

The basic concept: Imagine that cloning people is illegal, but anyone with enough money can buy whatever they want … no matter what their intentions are. Jenny 7 is one of seven clones of a girl named Jenny. She doesn’t want to be the same as the other Jennys, and rebels – until she realizes why the Jennys were cloned.