“Magic and Machinery” is in the Once Upon a Quest anthology!

Maude and her brother Gerhardt head to an inn in the country for a holiday from their family business designing clockwork systems. One of the other guests is a magician who falls in love with Maude. He demands she marry him and, when she declines, transforms her brother into a stag and imprisons her in a glass coffin.

Maude works with machinery, not magic. Can she find a way to escape the magician’s grasp and free her beloved brother?

This is the first time I ever wrote a story based off a fairy tale. “Magic and Machinery” is a retelling of “The Glass Coffin” by The Brothers Grimm, which is one of the many variants of Sleeping Beauty. I changed my version to be from the woman’s point of view, and I added a steampunk element – which was a surprise to me, even though I’m the author. 🙂

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Midwinter Fae

Midwinter Fae, the second volume in the series A Procession of Faerie, is a collection of stories about faeries and magic at Midwinter.

On the day of the shortened sun
A battle between two kings has begun.
The old year dies, and the Oak King rules
We celebrate with logs of Yule!
But the Holly King is defeated, not dead
To Caer Arianrhod he heads.
Until Midsummer, when they battle again
And the Holly King will once again reign…

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Stars in the Darkness

Stars in the Darkness is a collection of stories about why being just matters, and what the consequences are for individuals, groups, towns, countries, or humanity if justice is not expected or encouraged.

The stories range from historical fiction to superheroes to fantasy to science fiction, but they all send a message and show consquences, bravery, and courage.

All of the proceeds from this collection will be donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Human Rights Campaign.

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Each week, a post about one of the stories from a bundle I’ve curated will be published on Blackbird Publishing’s blog. Interviews with the bundle authors will appear occasionally as well. I’m also writing a series of “how-tos for authors”.