My latest story, “The Switch,” appears in Crimes, Capers, and Rule-Breakers, a bundle curated by Rebecca M. Senese.

Edith’s friend Lorraine asks for help retrieving the engagement ring she’d lost over fifty years – but the ring is hidden inside a music box in an exhibit at the local museum. Edith agrees to help her friend, even though it means entering the world of crime at age seventy-two.

They find a music box that looks similar, and Edith sneaks it in to the museum to switch it out for the real one. Will what she finds cause her to make a switch of her own?

Each week, a post about one of the stories from a bundle I’ve curated will be published on Blackbird Publishing’s blog. Interviews with the bundle authors will appear occasionally as well. I’m also writing a series of “how-tos for authors” posts.