My short story “Gilroy and the Kitten” is in A Cat of Heroic Heart!

Gilroy is looking forward to spending a day alone. He’s planned it out – he’ll lie in the sun and warm his furry belly, he’ll watch birds, and maybe even scratch his claws on the carpet since Breda, his person—who also happens to be a witch—won’t be around to see.

And then Breda’s 8-year-old grandniece Delaney shows up…and manages to trigger a spell that adds an even greater complication to Gilroy’s day.

~ ~ ~

Most people know cats as aloof, self-centered, and (ahem) slightly vain. But people who love cats…know that cats reserve their help for those who need it most. The toughest old Tom can melt at the sight of a kitten. A vain purebred housecat might adopt a litter of rabbits. An old tabby wanders the halls of a nursing home, bringing comfort to those whose hearts are troubled as they say goodbye. And those are just the real-world examples.

Read these eight fantastic tales of cats helping Sherlock Holmes, a cat saving someone from a curse, or or from a natural disaster…and more! Featuring stories by Carole Nelson Douglas, Dean Wesley Smith, E. Nesbit, Jamie Ferguson (me!), Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Lisa Silverthorne, Stefon Mears, and Liz Pierce.

A Cat of Heroic Heart is book 7 of The Year of Cat, a series edited by Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith.

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Not all ghosts can be laid to rest…

My short story “Haunted” is in the first edition of The Haunted Anthology—which I also edited! 🙂

Jill is walking through an old, abandoned cabin in the mountains when she sees the ghost of a man who murdered his wife in 1893. Three days later he appears in Jill’s house: the ghost followed her home!

Whether you’re sitting around a campfire, or staying up late to read—you’ll eventually have to turn off the light, you know—you’ll love these fifteen tales of ghosts, haunted houses, and spooky goings-on!

Imagine waking every day in an old house, unable to leave the grounds because every time you do you get lost in the gray mist. What if the haunted section in the library was actually haunted? Seeing a ghost in a haunted house would be one thing…but what if it followed you home?

Step into the haunted worlds of the fifteen ghostly tales in Hauntings…if you dare!

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Hauntings is the first volume in The Haunted Anthology. Follow the series on Facebook to learn more!

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