“The Truth About Goblins” is in the On Hallow’s Eve bundle, which is curated by Rebecca M. Senese.

Bean hated Halloween.

It used to be his favorite day of the year. He had fond memories of teaming up with his friends to play tricks on the older goblins, and of the music and dancing and feasting that lasted until well into the next day. But after moving to live among humans, he spends every Halloween terrified that his true nature would win out and cause him to end up eating someone.

One Halloween an old friend visits. To his dismay Bean finds himself out amongst the trick-or-treaters, where he learns the real truth about goblins.

Ghost-Hunting Critters, which contains my story “Clyde and the Ghost Cat,” is available on Amazon.

These ghosts don’t stand a chance…

From the beginning of time to the distant future, special animals of all species have answered the call to fight evil.

From dogs and cats to birds, horses, even dinosaurs, and one unusual fish, these spirited tales of ghost hunting adventures will thrill and delight readers.

This anthology is edited by J. A. Campbell; all of the stories are set in her Brown, Ghost Hunting Dog universe.

Each week, a post about one of the stories from a bundle I’ve curated will be published on Blackbird Publishing’s blog. Interviews with the bundle authors will appear occasionally as well. I’m also writing a series of “how-tos for authors”.