“Inside a Fairy Tale” appears in Uncollected Anthology Issue 16: Fairy Tales, which contains six contemporary and urban fantasy stories. Investigate twelve missing sisters, deal with an inheritance, choose your destiny, review a strange invitation, celebrate Midsummer, and make the sale of a lifetime.

In “Inside a Fairy Tale,” Valentina is spending the last few hours of Midsummer by herself, unable to make the trip back home to celebrate the holiday with her coven. She’s questioned whether or not she’ll ever end up in a successful relationship ever since her third divorce, and is starting to wonder if she’ll spend the rest of her life alone.

She overhears a conversation between another couple, and finds herself filled with a strange sense of foreboding. Is she following in her aunt’s footsteps and developing the ability to see the future? Is she concerned about the well-being of the other woman?

Valentina follows the couple, and finds herself inside a modern-day fairy tale.

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“To Be a Monster” is in the Here Be Monsters story bundle! This monstrously fun collection is curated by A. L. Butcher.

We love to fear them and fight them. Monsters come in many forms, from the monsters within to the monsters outside and under the bed. Dare you venture into the caverns and the castles? Dare you enter the darkness of an accursed soul?

An eclectic collection of dark creatures and those who fight them. You have been warned.

Here Be Monsters features 19 tales of myths, monsters, and mayhem.

“Twin Wishes” is in Fiction River: Wishes, which was edited by Rebecca Moesta.

Forget the old adage that cautions against wishing. The sixteen stories in this latest Fiction River contain just the right amount of heart, magic, pathos, and even hope. From a daughter hoping to save her father with a crash-course in wishery to an unfortunate victim at the wrong end of someone else’s wish, these stories show teens trying to wish away their problems—with often unexpected results. But no matter the dilemma, this volume of Fiction River promises to lift your spirits and remind you just how much magic the universe offers.

This collection includes stories by Eric Kent Edstrom, Ron Collins, Dale Hartley Emery, Alexandra Brandt, Bonnie Elizabeth, Lisa Silverthorne, Brigid Collins, Diana Deverell, Robert T. Jeschonek, Lesley L. Smith, T. Thorn Coyle, Dave Raines, Annie Reed, Dayle A. Dermatis, and Leslie Claire Walker.

Each week, a post about one of the stories from a bundle I’ve curated will be published on Blackbird Publishing’s blog. Interviews with the bundle authors will appear occasionally as well. I’m also writing a series of “how-tos for authors”.