Fifteen tales tinged with darkness, where vampires and werewolves roam and familiar fairy tales take on overtones of blood and vengeance.

My latest short story, “Marusia and the Monster,” is in the new anthology Once Upon a Bite! This collection of fairy tale retellings is published by Anthea Sharp; that awesome cover was designed by Christine Pope.

I based “Marusia and the Monster” on the Russian fairy tale “The Fiend,” in which a young woman named Marusia meets a handsome, wealthy, charming man who wants to marry her. But, as is often the case with fairy tales, there’s more to this mysterious gentleman than meets the eye…

I wrote my version from the mysterious suitor’s point of view, and changed a couple things around. The suitor is now a woman, and the setting is a little beach town in Mexico. 🙂

Here are all the other stories in this fantastic collection:

“The Blue Fairy Hunters Guild” – Phaedra Weldon
“Silvereyes and the Three Wolves” – Nikki Jefford
“River Daughter” – Annie Bellet
“The Girl Who Cried Vamp” – Christine Pope
“The Ugly Daughter” – Donna Augustine
“Spider to the Fly” – Kate Danley
“Princess of Salt” – Anthea Sharp
“The Huntress” – Sara C. Roethle
“Yelf Reviews for Jaqueline’s Beanstalk Cafe” – Kay McSpadden
“Marusia and the Monster” – Jamie Ferguson
“Twisted Cinderella” – Julia Crane
“Faefrost” – Jenna Elizabeth Johnson
“Cat in Combat Boots” – C. Gockel
“Blood and Water” – Alethea Kontis
“Breadcrumbs” – Sarra Cannon

Once Upon a Bite is the seventh anthology in the Once Upon series. If you like fairy tale retellings, check out the other issues!

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