Entangled by Midsummer

Entangled by Midsummer will be released in summer 2017.

Entangled by Midsummer
Bound by betrayal, entangled in enchantment.

Mark is living a selkie’s worst nightmare: the enchanted skin that lets him turn into a seal has been stolen by his wily human lover. Now he’s trapped on land, slowly losing his mind as his chances to return to the sea slip away.

His only hope? A faerie girl named Merenna.

But Merenna has her own problems. She’s hiding in the mortal world to escape the most dangerous lord of Faerie – a man whose ambitions would make her his bride and his pawn. Now his minions have caught up to her, and Mark finds himself entangled in the deadly power fames of faeries.

It will take every bit of skill, cunning, and luck Mark and Merenna possess just to stay ahead of their pursuers. Little do they know of the net of intrigue closing in around them as Midsummer approaches – a time when vast forces align, sinister plans come to fruition, and destiny itself can be rewritten.



Excerpted from Entangled by Midsummer.
Copyright © 2017 by Jamie Ferguson.
Published by Blackbird Publishing.
All rights reserved.