Announcing the Wild Magic bundle!

There’s the real world…
…and then there are our worlds, secret, wild, and free.

We can’t remember when we first noticed magic.

Oh, sure. When we were kids, we played pretend and imagined we were powerful sorcerers, clever tricksters, and subtle witches. But then we got older, and we told everyone that we’d grown up and were too old for that stuff now. How much we wanted to be like the adults!

But then the enchantments of adulthood grew thin. We may not like to talk about it, but we know it’s true: all the things we truly needed to learn in our lives, we learned as children, as dreamers. We learned what it was like to be stand up for what we believed in…and what it was like to be punished for it. We learned how to fall in love…and how to be rejected by our first crush. We got up to mischief…and hurt someone we shouldn’t have.

And we knew what it was like to be filled with wonder at the world.

But adulthood doesn’t last forever. As the enchantments of adulthood finally grew as thin as a haze in the sky, we began to see magic again.

Here and there.

In the small things—and sometimes in the big things when we needed it most. We vowed to protect it, to nurture it, and to visit it as often as we can.

The Wild Magic bundle holds ten volumes of the magic. Ten books about what we find after we have passed through the illusion that we can live without wonder in the world, and come out the other side.

Pack your bags, put on your good walking shoes, and make sure you bring plenty of water. We’re going out into the wilderness, and who knows when we’ll be back?

The Books

In Anthea Sharp’s Marny, Marny Fanalua meets an entrepreneur who is opening an all-ages hangout where he plans to share the incredibly realistic simulations he’s created from the game of Feyland. He doesn’t realize what he’s done is damaging the boundaries between the human world and the dangerous Realm of Faerie, but Marny does—and she knows they must act before it’s too late.

In A Gamer’s Wish, by Tao Wong, Henry Tsien has been living the quiet life of a mundane mortal until he stumbles upon a magical ring which contains an ancient jinn resides. Henry wishes for magic, and stumbles into a world of adventure and a hidden magical world that is more banal and wondrous than he could ever imagine.

The New Strawberry Princess, by C. Beth Walker & Ezekiel James Boston, takes us to a world of influencers, icons, multimedia stars…and magic. Repo woman “Mindy” Jones discovers Strawberry Sherry’s magical flavor profile in an abandoned car rental. Striving to help, Mindy dives headfirst into a secret world beyond her wildest dreams.

In Christine Pope’s The Witches of Wheeler Park, Jake Wilcox has a mission: to locate any witches or warlocks born outside established witch clans and make sure they have a safe place to develop and nurture their magical talents. But he may have found more than he bargained for in Adara Grant, a young woman whose extraordinary gifts put her—and the entire Wilcox clan—in grave danger.

In Melissa McShane’s The Smoke-Scented Girl, promising young magician Evon Lorantis is stumped by a mystery: a rash of spontaneously occurring fires, hotter than any natural force can produce. He tracks down the rogue magician behind the fires…a woman using magic to prosecute justice on her own terms.
Leslie Claire Walker’s Angel Hunts takes us to a world of angels, assassins, and magic. The Order of Assassins Night Sanchez betrayed finally tracks her down. But there’s something even more dangerous she must fight…if she can own her blood-drenched past and face the memory hidden deep within her mind.

DeAnna Knippling’s A Shrewdness of Swindlers takes us back to 1929. At the Honeybee’s Sting, a speakeasy in the basement of a laundry, a group of unusual figures meets to discuss the past—and perhaps some possible futures. Ten short stories take place along a long, dark night where nothing is what it seems, and the best way to tell the truth is to lie.

In T. Thorn Coyle’s By Moon, Selene feels overwhelmed by life, and just wants to live in the shadows, but their Goth club friends are dropping like flies. Something is stalking the community, but whom? Or…what?

In Rosemary for Reversal, by Jamie Ferguson, forty-one-year-old Laney Gibson has a special talent: she knows when to introduce people to each other. She’s kept this a secret her entire life, and is happily focused on getting ready to open the herbal apothecary in Boulder, Colorado that she’s dreamed about since she was a kid. But when her cousin Shannon shows up for a short visit and announces that Laney is a witch, things start getting complicated…

What if you could smell magic—or go to a bar and get a shot of magic to go with your cocktail? Will an aging sorcerer’s last pupil ever learn anything? And what could possibly go wrong when a pair of witches enter the local chili cook-off? Set your cauldron to bubbling, and enjoy the fifteen short tales in the anthology Magicks & Enchantments!

The Wild Magic bundle

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