Announcing the Realm of Faerie bundle!

Enter the Realm of Faerie, a world of beauty, danger, and enchantment. But remember the legends if you want to make it back home again…

The tales in this bundle are set in worlds like Tír na nÓg, Annwn, the Otherworld, Elfame, as well as in our own—for there are places where the boundaries between worlds grow thin, and one can pass over as easily as stepping across the threshold of a door. There are queens, mermaids, and monsters. Bargains are made, and secrets kept. Duels are fought, curses laid, and wishes sometimes come true.

These stories contain both good faeries and bad, their motivations noble, or selfish, or sometimes beyond the ability for mere mortals to comprehend. Some of the worlds are enticing and filled with marvels, others rife with threat and intrigue—and, just like with much of faerie mythology, many of the tales in this bundle intertwine beauty, enchantment, and danger. For part of the appeal of Faerie is that it’s a land of contradictions, a place where you could dance with a king or queen under the silver light of the moon, then the next night be sacrificed to a god so ancient no one remembers his name.

I’ve loved reading about faeries since I was little, and am delighted to bring you this collection of novels and short stories. I had a wonderful time putting together a collection of the kinds of books I love to read, and I hope you enjoy them as well.

Step into a fairy ring, walk through a portal, or follow one of the straight tracks, and enter the Realm of Faerie!

The Books

Enter the enchanting, beautiful, and sometimes dangerous world of fairy tales in Alethea Kontis’ Tales of Arilland. Alethea received a volume of unexpurgated fairy tales for her eight birthday, and the impact of reading those stories of magic, monsters, darkness, blood, and hope is clear in the nine tales in this wonderful collection.

In Windshaker’s Bane, by Tom Deitz, the faeries—the Sidhe—come across as magical, intriguing, and different from mortals, yet at the same time feel very, very real.

Jenna Elizabeth Johnson’s Faeborne takes us to a land where the Morrigan, the goddess of war and strife, aspires to become more powerful through the use of violence and sacrifice. This is a wonderful tale of how even in dark and complicated circumstances, one can find love, trust, and happiness.

Midwinter Fae is a collection of short stories about faeries and magic set at the time of the winter solstice. Will the Holly King, who signifies the old year and the shortened sun, be defeated by the Oak King? Or will winter reign eternal?

Anthea Sharp’s Faerie Song: Ten Magical Tales contains stories about magic, music, and the fey. Several of her tales incorporate elements from traditional ballads and songs, and Anthea’s love of music (she plays⁠—and sings!⁠—Celtic music) is evident throughout this beautiful collection.

Faery Novice, the first book in Leslie Claire Walker’s Young Adult series Faery Chronicles, takes us to a fast-paced world of magic, intrigue, and romance where faeries, angels, and demons are all very, very real.

Enter the beautiful, magical realm of winter in Amber Argyle’s Daughter of Winter. The Winter Queen’s daughter lives a life of isolation in the land of ice and snow, unaware that she is a key part of a bargain that was made long, long ago.

Leslie Claire Walker’s Faery Prophet is the second book in her Young Adult series Faery Chronicles. Will the blossoming powers of a faery seer’s apprentice be strong enough to prevent a demon from rising? Or will he lose, and become a demon himself?

Sharon Kae Reamer’s Primary Fault, the first book in her Schattenreich series, is set in Cologne, Germany. Sharon, a retired archeoseismologist who actually lives in Cologne herself, creates a unique, engaging, magical world which combines mythology, seismology, history, and romance.

Things often take an unexpected turn in DeAnna Knippling’s stories, and One Dark Summer Night is no exception. In this book she’s created a dark, intriguing world with fairies who are more complex than they first appear.

Sacrifice, Changeling, and Rival are the first three books of Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s series The Fey. The Fey, a beautiful, complex people, have conquered have of the world, and are determined to control it all. Kris weaves elements from mythology together into a world rich with battle, intrigue, mystery, and love.

Charlotte English’s Mr Drake & My Lady Silver is a beautiful, engaging tale about curses, predicaments, magic, and love. Pour yourself a glass of ice-wine, grab a cloudy starcake with jelly pearls, and enter the world of Aylfenhame.

Entangled by Midsummer, by Jamie Ferguson (me!), combines elements from Celtic mythology with intrigue and danger. I love to put my characters in situations where they have to make hard choices, and when you throw in faeries, magic, and ambition, the consequence of failure becomes deadly.

The Realm of Faerie bundle

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