One blackbird, not in a pie

Introducing…Blackbird Publishing!

Blackbird Publishing logo

I love this so much!!! This image was designed by the very talented Drew Slaybaugh. I emailed him two weeks ago asking if he’d be interested, and an hour and a half later he sent me the first version. The only changes we’ve made have been to the font and background color – the bird was absolutely perfect from the start.

Blackbird Publishing is the press I created to publish my work under. You don’t need to create your own company to self-publish, but I chose to because I take what I’m doing seriously and am therefore treating this as a business. That doesn’t mean I expect to get rich. (Although I certainly wouldn’t argue if I did! Imagine all the writing time I’d have!!!) It means that I want to do the very best I can to make sure I’m being professional. That’s why I hired an editor, and that’s why I hired artists to design my book cover and publishing logo. I’ve wanted to ‘be a writer’ since I was a little girl, and now that I’m finally making this happen, it’s important to me that I do it well. That’s worth far more to me than making money.

I’ve shipped the logo off to the book designer, so I will have the final cover image for my novel With Perfect Clarity shortly…then I’ll order my proof copy! The font size looks fine on my computer, but apparently it’s very common to look fine online but too large or too small in print, so the last step before making the novel available is to make sure the proof copy looks good. It’s hard to be patient!!!

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