Ending and beginning

My first novel, With Perfect Clarity, is within inches of being published!!!

With Perfect Clarity Front

The publishing logo will be done soon, I’m correcting all those pesky widows and orphans, and I just purchased my very first ISBN numbers. The last big step will be proofing the print version. I’m excited and nervous and happy!!!

I’ll put up an excerpt from chapter one soon, but in the meantime here’s the text from the back cover:

Emma remembers her death with perfect clarity. Brutally murdered in Colorado in the late 1800s, she haunts the house of her death, unable to leave its walls even after the building burns down. In present day 2003, a video store occupies the original site. Emma spends her days watching movies and the living until she meets Ashley, a ghost who remembers nothing about her own recent death. To help Ashley, Emma must relive her own long-ago murder, which she discovers she does not remember with perfect clarity after all.

This book was originally intended to be a short story, but once I started writing it I realized it was really a novel. I’ve since learned that I prefer to write either super short stories (like 1,000 – 3,000 words) or novels. One of these days I’ll turn writing at other lengths into a homework assignment for myself – I love a good writing challenge! But for now I’m content with my extremism.

I’m thrilled to be so close to publishing With Perfect Clarity. It’s been a long road, I’ve learned a ton, and I’ve enjoyed every step of the way. And I have perfect clarity about one thing – as soon as it’s in print there will be a celebratory party!!!

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