The first draft of novel #2 is finished!!!

It still has no name…but it’s done!!!

I’ve had a challenging time with this book. It has (unless I change it later…) four viewpoint characters. Four!!! Almost all of my stories to date have had only one viewpoint character, so writing at this length with four (four!!!) has been both interesting and difficult.

Coincidentally, one of my writing friends is used to writing stories with multiple viewpoint characters, and is currently working on a novel from a single character’s POV. It’s been fun to see how each of our challenges are the inverse of the other person’s.

This draft is pretty rough in parts because I’m not used to shifting viewpoints. I like to get inside a character’s head, and when you’re doing that and then shift to another head, it’s a bit hard to embrace the second character. It will (I hope) be easier next time, although conveniently the third novel has only one point of view, so I may get a break from this for a while.

I like challenging myself with my writing, so this was a great learning experience. And now … the editing phase begins …

Have I mentioned there’s a dog in this book? 🙂

2013-08-31 Maisie and Jasper

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