Patience is a virtue…

…but not one I have, at least not when it comes to waiting for things to be published!

The short story collection is ready to go…but I forgot to add a table of contents, so everything is now delayed by a whole day!

I did get to see a mostly correct version when my proof arrived the other day.

A Little Bit of Love proof front

This collection is pretty short – only 59 pages (that includes the table of contents…I’m not making that mistake again! hopefully), so there’s no text on the spine. (You have to have a minimum of 101 pages for the spine to be wide enough for text to fit.) I wasn’t sure how this would turn out, but it looks fine in person.

A Little Bit of Love spine view

I’m glad I ordered the proof because I hadn’t realized what the cream paper would look like with so much white on the cover. I’ve switched to white paper.

Putting all of this together was more work than I’d expected, mostly because I neglected to write down everything I did the last go-round. Oops.

Here’s a photo of some of the other things that have been keeping me busy.

2013-11-02 between the first and second Flatirons

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