The Fantasy in the City Bundle!

The Fantasy in the City bundle has launched!

Fantasy in the City image

I’m so excited! Not only is the first bundle I’ve ever been in, I’m the curator (organizer) for this bundle, and I’ve worked really, really hard to put all the pieces together. It’s SO awesome to see it all come together and go live!

This bundle contains twenty different short stories, each with its own variant of magic. It will be available on BundleRabbit through July 10th, 2016.

Here’s the cute little BundleRabbit bunny!


Each of the other authors entrusted me with one of their stories, and I took that responsibility seriously. That occasionally meant I did things like spend hours going through stock images, more hours narrowing down what I’d selected, and then even more hours wondering if I’d picked the right image and looking through them all again. πŸ™‚ But it was all fun, and I learned a lot about what images do/don’t work for this type of thing. For example, a super busy image might look great on the website, but get lost in the smaller marketing images.

I love seeing all the covers together! And yes, it is neat to see my own cover in there – but mostly seeing all of this makes me happy because I helped create something bigger than just me and my own story.

The Fantasy in the City covers

I’ve learned a zillion things from putting this together. Once the bundle is over I’ll put together a full write-up, and will include things like what marketing images I generated, how I determined the price and time period, and what two typos I totally missed in the sales copy. (At least my spelling/grammar checker missed them too, but I’m still horrified.)

And don’t think Rosie and Jasper were neglected while I was hard at work on the bundle!

Yarn made from Jasper!
Yarn made from Jasper!

Yes, that is a tiny skein of yarn made from Jasper’s fur. How cool is that? Even if you think it’s a little…odd…you know it’s still pretty darn cool! πŸ™‚ My new work friend, Kathryn, spun yarn from both Jasper and Rosie’s fur – and she wrote a blog post about it! If this intrigues you, rest assured that you will get an update at some point. And no, I am not going to knit Jasper a sweater out of it. Besides, I only have eight feet of yarn. So far…

2016-06-19 Dakota Ridge

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