Plot hole filled!

Last week one of the writers in my wonderful writing group pointed out a very important plot hole. I’d thought I’d handled one particular issue, and I had – but only sort of. (And no, I’m not going to say what it was because it wasn’t apparent that it was a hole until chapter 15, so I’d be giving something important away.) As soon as I realized this really was a problem I knew I had to resolve it, but I didn’t know how.

And then I went on vacation! πŸ™‚

I spent four nights in Boston, walked a lot, did fun things, and was grateful that the humidity was low (low for Boston, that is), especially when the temperatures made it up into the 90s. It was nice to sleep in for a change – Rosie and Jasper are not layabouts, and will do things like squeak their toys right next to the bed if you’re taking too long to get up in the morning.

Then finally, on Saturday afternoon, I had an idea about how to fill my plot hole. I emailed my fellow writers and they liked my idea, so now I just have to put it all together and see for sure. Hooray! Not only does my new idea resolve the issue they discovered, it also takes care of something else I needed to tie in, so I’m extra excited about getting back to the manuscript!

In bundling news, the Fantasy in the City bundle is no longer available on BundleRabbit – but it is available on Kobo, Amazon, iBooks, and Barnes & Noble through October 9th. Bundle #2 is going well; 16 authors are signed up for sure so far. And it looks like I may have a short story in someone else’s bundle at some point.

Vacation was fun, but it’s really, really good to be back home with Rosie and Jasper! πŸ™‚

2016-07-12 Dakota Ridge

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