The end of the novel is nigh!

This morning I sent the manuscript for Entangled by Midsummer to the editor!!!

I’m not really done yet. I’m sure DeAnna, the editor for this story, will find plenty of things for me to fix. I changed a few things as I made progress on the manuscript, and while I’d like to think I found and updated them all, I’m sure I missed something here or there. I also made really big changes to three or so chapters over the weekend based on feedback from my critique group. Since no one else has looked at the new versions, it seems likely that something won’t be quite right. And I realized last night that there are a few phrases that I overuse. They’re easily fixable, but because I was making such big changes to some key sections, I didn’t have the time to correct all of the overused phrases.

But now it’s in DeAnna’s hands, so I’m sure she’ll point out the obvious things (how many times can a character wrinkle their nose in a novel? apparently quite a few), as well as other things. And the end result will be wonderful!

Of course, one side effect of all of this work was that I was so wound up last night I’m not sure I even got four hours of sleep. I started my workday off with a double espresso and a very strong chai. 🙂

Now that I’m temporarily free from the novel, I’m focusing on the short story that I’ll have out soon in a science fiction bundle curated by Rebecca Senese. I have a first draft that’s about 4,500 words, so after edits it will probably come out to be around 6,000 words. I’ll send that to another one of my lovely editors, Julie, for copy editing, and by this Saturday that story will be done, it will have a cover (which I have yet to design), I’ll compile it into epub/mobi formats, and upload it to BundleRabbit. And I’ll submit the first part of the novella I’m working on to my writing group this Thursday.

Needless to say, I am very ready for a happy hour!

In other news, the witch short story bundle I’m just beginning to organize now has 18 authors signed up. Hooray! I’m talking with two more, and will hopefully have the list finalized by the end of the week.

And now I’m off to do my homework assignment…it’s due at midnight tonight. 🙂

2016-07-26 Dakota Ridge

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