Back in school!

I’m at a week-long workshop on historical fiction, alternate history, and time travel in Lincoln City, Oregon. This class is taught by Kristine Kathryn Rusch, a very talented author, and a fantastic teacher. So far I’ve completed three assignments, all set in different time periods, and I’m working on #4. I’m having a great time, and there are many days yet to go!

I haven’t had a chance to walk on the beach yet, but I did stop by briefly yesterday. It was pretty cloudy, but beautiful nonetheless.

2016-09-18 Lincoln City

More exciting was the fog I got to drive through last night – we made it back to the hotel around 11pm. Class is structured so that we meet from 1-3pm, and 8-10pm. In between we do homework, read, eat, talk, and sleep.

Talking with the other writers is always one of my favorite parts of coming to these classes. At this point when I come to classes I always know at least some of the writers, and it’s really fun to be able to see people I regularly correspond with in person.

But just because I’m in class doesn’t mean everything else is going by the wayside! The Witches’ Brew bundle comes out in less than two weeks, and I’m getting the last few pieces ready.

The Witches' Brew Coming Soon

This bundle will contain 20 short stories by 20 different authors, just like The Fantasy in the City bundle. The theme is, of course, witches, and the tales in this collection range from funny to scary to sweet. Once we launch on the 1st of October, I’ll start posting profiles of the authors and their stories on the bundle’s Facebook page – and of course the BundleRabbit page will be live on the 1st as well.

Now I’m off to get ready to switch hotels. We’re all moving to our regular accommodations at The Anchor Inn, and will stay there for the remainder of the week.

And then I’ll get to go home and see Jasper and Rosie. 🙂

2016-09-13 Dakota Ridge

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