Making progress even without a personal assistant

I took advantage of the three-day weekend and worked super hard, but feel as though I’ve hardly made a dent in my to do list. Fortunately I write down everything I did, so I have proof of my accomplishments. 🙂

I published post #3 in my spiffy new series of how-to posts for authors. I was already writing up notes on this type of thing for my author friends when I learn something new, and I decided I might as well put this information on my website so I could more easily share it. Plus then I don’t have to try to remember if I wrote up steps for something on Facebook, in an email, on a mailing list, or in a Google Doc. And this also means I now know exactly where to look if I ever forget how to do something myself!

One of the many things I did this weekend was finish drafting all of the author profiles for the Haunted bundle. I’m publishing one/day on the bundle’s Facebook page. I can’t schedule those posts (they’re Facebook notes, not regular posts), so I still have to publish them manually every day – but they’re all written and ready to go!

A post about one author & their bundled story is also being published each week at Blackbird Publishing, but fortunately those are scheduled. 🙂 Those posts are alternating between bundles I’ve curated.

I finished the first draft of “The Late Bloomer” on Saturday. It’s a story I wrote for an anthology; I’ll get feedback on that from my writing group tomorrow, and then should have a final draft ready by the end of the week. It was really fun to write – I just wish the length limit was longer! It’s set at 4,000 words, and my first draft is about 3,300 – so I’m going to be dangerously close to the limit by the time I’m done.

This weekend I kept thinking about how great it would be if I had an assistant. A lot of the bundle/blog work is really straightforward, but it takes time, and it would be great to hand that off to someone. But since that is not an option at the moment, I spent some time this weekend streamlining things to make this type of work more efficient in the future. I’m also going to try to improve my time management and work on simple tasks like that when I have tiny time slices, or when I’m too tired to write. But I still would like an assistant…or I should say a third assistant who knows how to type…

My current assistants are quite helpful, just not very good with computers.

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