A surprise detour

I started editing the faerie story on Saturday, and had set aside the entire day to finish editing it and my Lovecraftian story “The Late Bloomer.” (Lovecraft meets Jamie, so make of that what you will.) And then I realized the post on my publishing site in which DeAnna Knippling interviewed Rebecca M. Senese about her Haunted bundle story had gone live but was not showing up on Facebook. How odd, I thought. And so I investigated.

Many, many hours later πŸ™‚ I had moved both websites to a new hosting provider. I’d been planning on switching anyway, and had done some research and narrowed my options down to two companies, but I hadn’t been planning on switching this soon! It turned out that my publishing site had gotten hacked, and while the hack itself was very easy to fix, my guess is that the plugins I’d tried to update in an attempt to get the interview to post to Facebook had gotten corrupted because I ran the updates before realizing there was something more broken than an out-of-date plugin.

Since the site was all jacked up – I’d click on a link in the admin panel and get a totally blank screen – I decided it would be safer to move that site by hand. Fortunately it’s a pretty small site at this point, but it took a while to configure the domain and all, and then I decided to take advantage of the mishap and restructure my media library… At least I didn’t have to move my author site by hand! There are still a few little things to tidy up, but I’m very happy with the new company.

While I’m a little behind on editing thanks to this exciting turn of events, I did get through the first scene of the faerie story (which I hope gets a name soon). This story will appear in the Faerie Summer bundle, which will be released on May 1st. I wrote it about 2 years ago, and I just love it. It was also interesting to see how my writing has improved. In 2016, my big craft revelations were when and where to use ‘said’ tags, and to use more line breaks. Unsurprisingly, this story needs adjustment in both of those areas. That’s easy to do, of course, and it was cool to see how this type of thing jumps out at me now, but it obviously didn’t two years ago.

It’s a little frustrating to have lost most of a day, but on the bright side, now I don’t have to worry about having to move my websites. πŸ™‚

I had a surprise package waiting for me when I got home tonight – my contributor’s copy of Fiction River: Tavern Tales!

Rosie and Jasper look like they’re excited about it, but they really just wanted to play ball. Don’t worry, that’s what we did as soon as I stopped trying to make them pose with the book…

This anthology issue contains my story “The Next Dance,” which is one of the stories I sold at the anthology workshop I took last winter. It’s very, very neat to see it in print!

And now I’m off to do some editing!

Rosie and Jasper keeping an eye on their pine cones.

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