Heedless optimism!

I’m super excited to report that I’ve committed to two brand-new projects that I’m going to work on with two of my very favorite authors! 🙂

One might argue that this is a bad idea since I already have a zillion things on my list, but as a determined and unrepentant optimist, I wouldn’t listen if one did! I did recently make a schedule listing all the deadlines I’ve committed to for the next few years (yes, years), and it is a long list. But I’m also finally done with the ridiculously manual website and email migration I chose to do instead of picking or one of the many easy solutions, so I’m enjoying the heady – and probably false – sense of being on top of things. In keeping with my Pollyanna-like nature, I’m choosing to believe I’m just about to get ahead on everything.

One of my recent accomplishments was to send a story I’ve been fretting over to my editor. I love this story, but no longer feel I can objectively identify everything that is or isn’t working, so it’s time to get another opinion. I’m almost done finishing another story, and have two more in the pipeline. If all goes well – and as an optimist, I’m sure it will! – I’ll have all four stories wrapped up within a week, if not sooner.

I’m wrapping up the last few things for the Faerie Summer bundle, which launches on May 1st. I’m organizing two more bundles this year, and have at least three scheduled for 2018.

Next on my list is a crime story. I’ve never written a crime story before, so this will be a fun challenge. I have the basic idea for a story, and in a dream last night I figured out all the details. I wrote them down in my dream, which seemed helpful at the time, but is a little less helpful now that I’m awake. Hopefully my subconscious will remember the important parts…

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