A bundle of bundles!

The Faerie Summer is one of ten collections in The SF&F Binge Reader Bundle, which is available on StoryBundle.com!

Yes, this is a bundle of bundles! The SF&F Binge Reader Bundle includes bundles of novels, anthologies, and short stories. It’s only available for a few weeks, so grab a copy while you can!

In addition to the crazy amount of fiction the bundle includes – there are 19 novels and 7 anthologies! – you have the option of donating a portion of the purchase price to The AbleGamers Foundation, an organization that helps people with disabilities participate in the world of high tech gaming by customizing equipment for them.

I’ve created a giveaway for the bundle – the winner will receive one gift code.
Click here to learn more and sign up!
The giveaway ends on July 28th.

Promotion for this bundle and The Faerie Summer has taken up a big chunk of my time over the past week, so while I’ve thought a lot about writing, I haven’t had the time to do much. I’m in week 2 of an online fantasy workshop, and have to write and turn in the opening to a new story by midnight tonight, so that will be a nice change from writing promotional material. 🙂

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