Games and faeries and justice

Only a few more days left before The SF&F Binge Reader Bundle will be gone forever!

If you purchase the bundle, you can choose to donate a percentage of the purchase price to The AbleGamers Foundation, an organization that provides customized video gaming equipment to disabled people.

I interviewed Steve Spohn, the COO of AbleGamers, on Blackbird Publishing’s site. It was fascinating to learn about both the technology and the positive impact video gaming can have on someone’s life. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn more about what AbleGamers does, and I plan on selecting them as one of the charities readers can donate to for future story bundles I put together.

The SF&F Binge Reader Bundle contains The Faerie Summer one of the bundles I’ve curated. This is the first volume in a fairy-themed bundle series. That wasn’t my original intent, but I had so much fun putting this bundle together – and I’ve always loved fairy stories – so once I realized I could turn it into a series it was a done deal. 🙂 I came up with the series title last week, although I’m going to hold off on announcing it for a little bit just to make sure I don’t change it. The theme for the next volume is Midwinter + fairies, and the third volume will be about portals and passageways between our land and the land of Faerie.

Next up is the justice-themed bundle – and yes, there’s at least one fairy story in it! I gave the authors a pretty broad range to play in, although I have to say even I was surprised (in a good way!) when I saw some of the stories. My story is a western, and is set during the time of the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, which was repealed in 1864. This is a time in history I’ve read about, of course, but not for a while, so I’ve been doing research to make sure I get the historical details as accurate as possible. While there are plenty of positive, heart-warming stories in what I’ve read, there are also far too many grim tales. My story will, of course, have a happy ending. 🙂 But this story and the research I’ve done for it have been a good reminder about what is really important in life.

  1. Ken Roberts

    Hi, Jamie.

    Ken Roberts.

    Nice to see you doing well, and persisting with your writing.

    Thought I’d suggest you give your dogs turmeric or curcumin. Most older dogs begin to suffer from various inflammatory conditions (like people), and friends I’ve suggested this to have had good results with their dogs. You might also enjoy this:

    Went to Japan myself earlier this year. If you’d like to see what I wrote up about the visit, drop me a line.


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