Kicking off an interesting week…

I just realized that I’m going to Oregon for a writing class that starts THIS Saturday, not on the 21st!!!!! I’ve apparently had the wrong dates on my calendar for at least six months. Wow. And OMG. And ack!

This is the most exciting start to a week I’ve had in a very long time… 🙂 At least I finally got all my tax paperwork together, and may or may not have gotten it to my accountant in time.

It’s clearly going to be an interesting week… I’d planned on finishing three short stories before the workshop. Oops.

On the Jasper front, he had an MRI two weeks ago and his back looks great! He has some spondylosis, but we already knew about that, and our vets have said they don’t think it’s bothering him. We now know that his back pain isn’t due to anything wrong with his back, but it’s because he has hip dysplasia – which we only discovered this year. While that isn’t great, it’s a lot better than some of the other things we were testing for!!! He’s back on the hiking trail, and we’re avoiding trails with lots of rock steps, but he can go uphill on paths. Hooray!!!!!

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