Change is in the air

My biggest accomplishment for the past week was breaking my all-time record for the number of mimosas drunk in one day. Hooray! 🙂

I don’t actually know how many mimosas I actually drank, but I had a very fun brunch with six of my girlfriends – one of whom took over the ordering of drinks, and told our waiter to keep bringing beverages and that we’d drink them all. Which we clearly did. 🙂 This meant Saturday was not nearly as productive of a writing day as I’d planned, but I did manage to write 198 words, so there’s that. And the brunch did fit with my new plan to fit in more fun time…

Our baby junipers. They look like they’ve done something naughty.
I’ve also been making more time to exercise, and while I have yet to see any physical results from this, I did have one day last week where I went to the gym after work and when I got home I realized I felt much more mentally ready to write. I had been planning on going to the gym in the morning before work, but am now thinking after work might help with my writing. (For the record, I actually do exercise regularly, but apparently I need to level up to fit into a few things that fit just fine a year or two ago…) It’s totally doable to write while you have a day job, but it’s hard to jump right into writing when I get home, so this experience has given me some ideas to try to see if I can make the transition easier – and faster.

I’m also working on revamping my writing/publishing schedule. I’m adding in more fun time (the mimosas obviously fit in that category…), and am taking more breaks so that I can be more refreshed when I’m writing. This also includes more reading, which is super awesome. I used to read multiple books a week, but years ago this dwindled to a mere handful of books a year because I had a string of day jobs that took so much mental energy that I found it hard to fit in reading. I also found that extreme multi-taking at work meant that it was hard for me to focus on reading, and I’d struggle to get through an entire chapter in one day. I’d read a few pages, and even if I enjoyed what I was reading, it was really hard to make myself concentrate on one thing for more than a half hour or so. (If that.)

I’ve been reading Juliet Blackwell’s Witchcraft Mysteries, which are exactly what I need right now – they’re fun, lighthearted, and in addition to the fabulous vintage clothing descriptions, there’s a gargoyle who disguises himself around ‘normal’ people by taking the form of a miniature pig! In addition to having a ridiculously large collection of vintage sewing patterns, I’m also a fan of Esther the Wonder Pig – and I love witch stories. So this series is totally working for me. 🙂

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