The big apple

Me, on the 14th floor at work – southern Manhattan is behind me
I’m in New York City for the first time ever!!! I’m here on a week-long trip for my day job, but my husband (aka Mike) and I flew out a few days early and spent an evening hanging out with some friends who live in Boston. I’ve done tons and tons of walking, and fortunately remembered to switch from sandals to sneakers before I got blisters, so I can still walk. 🙂

Yesterday I walked on the High Line during the afternoon, then again in the evening with one of my friends from work. The High Line is super cool – it’s an elevated railway, originally used by the New York Central Railroad, that’s been turned to a park complete with trees and flowers. The original rails are still there in most places, which of course I love, because trains are awesome!

Walker Tower
A lot of the architecture is amazing, like this fabulous 1929 Art Deco building I saw yesterday. I got to walk through Central Park, learned I’m not a fan of Times Square, and had a glass of champagne at The Pierre. Joe Versus the Volcano is my absolute favorite movie ever, so of course going to The Pierre was the only ‘must do’ thing on my list for this trip.

I have been disappointed in the lack of gargoyles on the buildings here, but was pleasantly surprised to see some today when I was on one of the balconies at work. I haven’t yet looked up the building the gargoyles are on, but will soon – and I have a slew of photographs of other buildings to look up as well.

Needless to say I haven’t been doing any writing. I had very good intentions, but there’s just so much to see and do (and eat!) here that it’s been hard to focus on writing, in spite of my many looming deadlines. But I’m having so much fun that it feels worth it. I’ll just catch up on the trip back home…hopefully. 🙂

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