And there’s proof!

My proof copy of With Perfect Clarity arrived on Thursday – a full day early!!!

2013-04-04 With Perfect Clarity proof #1 again

This was very exciting, but the downside was that I had to spend all of yesterday at work wanting to go home so I could proof the proof. The fact that I didn’t leave work early either says something about my willpower or my workload.

I did look through it enough to know that I need to tweak the margins. I used the margins that we used in the interior book design class I took a few months ago, and while they looked fine on the computer they are a little tight in print. The good news is that the font I selected for the body copy (Adobe Caslon Pro 12pt) looks perfect, as does the font I’m using for chapter headers (Bodoni Std Book 20pt).

I’m adjusting the margins and will order a second proof, so there’s a little more waiting…but that one should be it since I’m only making minor tweaks. I’m expecting to have to get an updated cover image, since changing the margins will undoubtedly change the page count and therefore the spine width. If all goes well, it will be available on Amazon and friends in about a week.

The best part is that as soon as I finish adjusting the margins, I’ll be able to start working on novel #2!

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