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My book is on Amazon!!!


The paperback appeared yesterday morning. Not only was this exciting all in itself (my book is on Amazon!!!), I wasn’t expecting it to appear until the weekend. I’d even saved the CreateSpace screenshot in my notes so that I didn’t forget about the time delay with my next paperback.

CreateSpace approved

I submitted the Kindle version right away. Turns out that takes 12 hours or less to show up, and it probably took 10 in my case. I wanted the two versions to show up around the same time, so now I know what the time window is.

Tonight I added my book to Goodreads, and managed to do so with a typo in the title (CLarity instead of Clarity). Oops. Even worse, you can’t edit a book you entered – even if you just entered it. At least I didn’t misspell “clarity”…

I will have it available on Barnes & Noble and a few other sites soon. I may have gotten lucky with the one day Amazon turnaround, but next time I’ll have everything lined up just in case. It’s really been a challenge to fit everything in on the weekends and in tiny slices of the evenings during the week. To be fair, I do spend a fair bit of time with my dogs. We even ran a race (the Canine Classic) this weekend with my friend Julie and her two dogs. Here I am with Maisie and Jasper at the starting line.


It was cold and windy and I hadn’t run in ages, so while the dogs were fine, I was relieved to discover mid-race that it was a 5k, not a 10k. (They used to have both, and when we were in better shape – and there weren’t 25 mph winds – we used to run the 10k.)

But the majority of my free time has been spent on book/writing-related activities. I’m thrilled to have published my book, and even better – I’m SO looking forward to having time to work on the next one.

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