I’m out of this world!

My short story “The Cat’s Meow” is in the Out of This World bundle!

Out of This World image

Here’s the description:

Explore the future and the universe with this exciting bundle of science fiction & fantasy short stories, novellas, and novels. Discover how people will survive, and thrive, as they encounter challenges in outer space or deal with struggles here on Earth.

Mystery and adventure, drama and fear, technology and magic, all have their place in these exciting speculative stories.

Blast away with these fantastical tales to parts unknown and out of this world!

This bundle is curated by Rebecca Senese, a very talented writer who is also participating in the Fantasy in the City bundle.

And here’s The Out of This World bundle’s page on Facebook. Rebecca has posted a great overview of what’s in the bundle, and she’ll be putting up author spotlights so that you can learn more about the authors and their stories.

I’m super excited to be a part of this bundle!!!

In other news, I just sent the manuscript for Bewitchery to my editor, Dayle Dermatis. This story turned out to be a novelette, not a novella (it’s about 12,000 words). It was really fun to write, and I’m looking forward to working with Dayle on this project. Bewitchery will be out in September or October. I’ll finalize the date once I find out how much work the manuscript needs.

Edits for Entangled by Midsummer were briefly on hold while I wrapped up Bewitchery, so now I will be able to focus on finishing it.

And last: The Witches’ Brew bundle, a collection of 20 short stories about – surprise! – witches, will launch on October 1st. I have a story ready to go for this one, but am considering writing a new one that would tie in with a few other stories. I haven’t put together the images yet, but the bundle does have a Facebook page. 🙂

2016-08-09 Dakota Ridge

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