Witches, witches everywhere!

It was a witchy weekend! I designed the cover for Bewitchery, which settled in around 12,000 words so it’s officially a novelette, not a novella. I came up with a new, witch-based novel idea – as if I need any more book ideas! And I put together the initial images for The Witches’ Brew bundle, which will launch October 1st. Here’s the image I created for the bundle’s Facebook page:

Witches' Brew Facebook banner

And yes, that does mean there’s a Facebook page for the bundle, so if you’re interested in a collection of witch stories by 20 different authors, ‘like’ the page so you can learn more as I add more information!

I’m planning at least three more bundles for 2017: The Haunted Bundle is targeted for February, The Faerie Summer for May, and the third, unnamed bundle for July/August. I really enjoy organizing, so that part of curating is easy for me. And story bundles are a great way to get stories out more regularly, since novels take so long to complete.

Speaking of novels taking a long time, I’ve made quite a few process changes since I started working on my current novel. I’m hopeful that these changes will help me write faster and more efficiently. We’ll see…

2016-08-22 Dakota Ridge

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