Elves at Halloween

It took me longer than I expected to get into the Christmas elf story I’m writing – it’s hard to think holiday thoughts when it’s not even Halloween. 🙂 But this is turning out to be a very fun story to write. Here’s an excerpt:

Every day Jolper buttoned up his red uniform, pulled on his green and white shoes that had silver bells sewn on the tips of the toes, set his tiny, pointed cap on his head, and joined the throng of workers walking from the Elf Housing Quarter over to his office.

The other elves were merry. Every day they sang the same songs, over and over and over, synchronizing their steps so that the tinny jingle of the bells on their shoes rang in time to the music.

Jolper hated singing, he hated wearing red, and he completely despised the notion of wearing bells on his shoes. And his regulation cap was so small it kept falling off his head.

This is just the first draft, so it may change a little, but that should give you a taste of what I’m doing. And no, I have absolutely no idea where the name Jolper came from.

With Perfect ClaritySpeaking of holidays, With Perfect Clarity is on sale for the month of October to celebrate Halloween! The ebook is normally $4.99, but I’ve dropped the price to $2.99. I also dropped the price of Bewitchery to 99 cents.

And another Halloween-related thing is that I’m posting articles about ghosts on the Facebook page for the Haunted bundle. This bundle won’t be out until February 2017, but I thought it would be fun to get in the spirit (ha ha) and post articles for the few months leading up to the launch. I’m posting something new every week or so, and it’s kind of neat – and sometimes creepy – to read these accounts. And as an author, it’s also kind of inspiring… I may have to write another ghost story or two. 🙂

The Haunted bundle - coming February 2017

I’m staying on track with my various projects, but thanks to the historical fiction workshop I went to a few weeks ago, I keep thinking about my different western projects. We recently watched the 1960 version of The Magnificent Seven, which I loved. I can’t wait to get back to work on my Western stories! But I have to stay focused, so I’m keeping that genre in the research category. And researching the American West is pretty fun, even if all I can do is make notes for upcoming stories, or add photos to boards on Pinterest.

My latest Pinterest board contains photographs of saloons in the American West. It’s kind of funny to see that one next to boards with images of faeries. 🙂 Often when I do research I’ll find a bunch of images, but forget to save them on Pinterest. I’m going to try to remember because looking at images can be incredibly helpful, especially when you’re writing historical fiction.

And here’s a picture of my writing buddies, who I get to look at in person every day!

2016-10-09 Dakota Ridge

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