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It’s a warm fall here in Colorado. We’ve been raking leaves, but during the days it’s been in the 70s – and sometimes even 80s. So it doesn’t yet feel like fall, which apparently means I do most of my writing on the couch in the living room where I can enjoy the sunshine, instead of in my office. I’m curious to see if this changes when we switch our clocks in two weeks. Lately I’ve noticed every time I go into my office I have a “wow, there’s a whole other room in our house!” feeling. 🙂

My writing pace has slowed a bit thanks to all the leaves – we always have a lot of leaves to rake! But I’m really, really happy to be back to working on some bigger projects. I love writing new stories, but coming up with a new world and new characters every time takes a different type of energy than working in a known world. Over the past few months I jammed a ton of new stories into my schedule, from bundle stories with firm deadlines, to the stories I wrote at the workshop in Oregon – which also had firm deadlines. It was all really fun, but it gave me a new perspective on my writing, and I learned that I like working on a combination of both new and old projects. So… Now I’m back to editing!

In addition to the novel edits, I’m modifying a ghost short story for The Haunted Bundle. This story is called “The Scent of Roses,” and is one of the ones I wrote for the WMG Anthology workshop last year. It didn’t sell, and I think part of that is editor taste and part is that there’s something that I couldn’t see until I ran it by my regular writing group. It’s an easy fix, now that I’m aware of it. Sometimes it’s really hard to see something that’s super obvious!

The other thing I’ve done for The Haunted Bundle is scheduled several months worth of ghost articles to be posted on the Facebook page, with two articles going up a week. That was super fun to put together! The next few articles are about things like ghosts in the White House – apparently there are quite a few! In December, there will be holiday-themed ghost articles. I learned that there’s a tradition of telling ghost stories on Christmas Eve, which I’d never heard of before, so that was pretty neat to learn about.

And speaking of bundles, The Witches’ Brew bundle is on sale through the end of the month to celebrate Halloween!

2016-10-17 Dakota Ridge

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