The witching hour

Tomorrow is Halloween, and the Witches’ Brew bundle’s sale is almost at an end!

The Witches' Brew bundle - Halloween sale

I’ve had SO much fun curating this bundle. Yesterday we were in the top 100 in all three of the bundle’s categories on Amazon!

The Witches' Brew bundle - Amazon rank

Thanks to Lucya Starza for mentioning the bundle on A Bad Witch’s blog. The Bad Witch, aka Lucya, has a book of her own. Candle Magic: A witch’s guide to spells and rituals is a grimoire on candle magic – and if you think you don’t believe in this type of thing, remember how many times you’ve made a wish when blowing out candles on a birthday cake. 🙂

And thanks to Lisa Blackwood, who mentioned the bundle in her latest newsletter. Lisa writes witch stories as well – her Gargoyle and Sorceress series is about a woman who discovers she’s not only a witch, she’s part of a powerful coven of witches who are at war with demon-like creatures.

Many, many thanks to the fabulous bundle authors and fans who’ve been promoting the bundle! The bundle’s Facebook note about the Halloween sale has been shared 33 times so far. Hooray!!!

Between promoting the bundle and a few non-writing-related things that had to be done over the past week, I’ve taken a little over a week off from writing fiction, so I’m really looking forward to getting back to editing tomorrow. I’ve created a Goodreads page for Entangled by Midsummer, and just doing that tiny thing felt great. I sent the first chapter of my time travel Western to my writing group, and will see what they think on Tuesday. 🙂

And best of all: Jasper has sparkly clean teeth, got his first massage ever, and his strained muscle is getting better!

2016-10-29 Dakota Ridge

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