Hanging out with the dogs

That’s today’s post title because we had an unplanned vet visit with little Rosie, and just got a call this evening saying everything looks normal. HOORAY!!!!!

(For the curious: we found a lump on her neck yesterday, and it was larger today, which was disconcerting. The current theory is that it’s an infection of some sort, so she’s on antibiotics and we’ll get her checked out later this week to see if there’s a piece of foxtail grass or something that’s causing this.)

Rosie was a trooper, and even took a nap at the clinic (we had to wait a very long time). She has gotten lots of petting and smooching today. Right now she’s curled up in a little ball in the other room, probably hoping we’ll leave her alone for a while so she can get some sleep. 🙂

In writing news, I spent some of the time waiting to see the vet plotting out my next Christmas story. That was really fun. My plan is to have a series of Christmas stories featuring the same characters. The first story was in Rebecca M. Senese’s Very Merry Christmas bundle last year. Not only was that story super fun to write, I realized today that I unintentionally set up a lot of potential related stories.

I’m really excited to work on the next Christmas story, but first I’m wrapping up my Halloween story about Bean the goblin. I’m really close to having the cover done, I just need to play with the colors a little more. I really enjoy making covers, but it takes a lot of time because it’s important to me to do as good of a job on them as I can.

Ghost-Hunting Critters, which contains my story “Clyde and the Ghost Cat,” is now available on Amazon. I haven’t read the other stories yet, but this anthology is set in J. A. Campbell’s ghost-hunting dog universe, so of course I’ve read some of her other stories. A ghost-hunting border collie in the Old West – it’s like she wrote these stories just for me! 🙂

One of Julie’s ghost-hunting dog stories appeared in the Haunted bundle, and the current anthology is the third volume in her ghost-hunting dog series.

There’s a lot more going on, but it’s been a long day and I’m going to go hang out with the dogs. 🙂

Rosie celebrated being done hanging out in waiting rooms by playing ball in the park.

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