Goblins and dogs and paletas

This feels like it’s been the busiest summer of my entire life. I have no idea if this is true, but it certainly has been busier than the last few summers!

My short story “The Truth About Goblins” will appear in a Halloween-themed bundle very soon. 🙂 This story is about Bean, a goblin who left the caverns a few years ago and went to live among humans.

Bean hated Halloween.

It used to be his favorite day of the year. He had fond memories of teaming up with his friends to play tricks on the older goblins, and of the music and dancing and feasting that lasted until well into the next day. But after moving to live among humans, he spends every Halloween terrified that his true nature would win out and cause him to end up eating someone.

One Halloween an old friend visits. To his dismay Bean finds himself out amongst the trick-or-treaters, where he learns the real truth about goblins.

Not only was that a super fun story to write, I’m pretty sure I’m going to write at least one more story about Bean and his friend Sneed. And no, I have absolutely no idea why those are their names. In fact, I’m pretty sure they have another friend whose name is Daggert, and he (at least I think Daggert is a he) will show up in a future story.

Or not… Writing is full of surprises. 🙂

I’m working on two projects right now – putting together the justice collection, and writing a Christmas story. I’ve reread the Christmas story I published last year three times now (it’s coming out in a new Christmas bundle in a few months) to get a feel for where I left things. The plan is to write a second story with one or more of the same characters that takes place right after the first story left off. I had such a ball writing the first story that I’d like to stay in that world and see what happens next. Of course, I have no idea what actually happens next, so this will be interesting!

I have another story coming out in a collection in a month or two, have four more short stories due by the end of 2017, and am taking a week-long writing workshop pretty soon. And then there are all the other projects that don’t have firm deadlines… It’s a busy time! But our ginormous landscaping project is almost done, Rosie is doing well (although she and Jasper both need baths…again…), and I have two flavors of paletas (popsicles) in my freezer: pineapple jalapeño, and avocado. 🙂

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