So many things!

Yesterday I got to meet my cousin Joyce in person for the first time ever!!! Joyce and I are 3rd cousins once removed, and have been emailing for the past few years, but we’d never actually met. We do genealogy research with a few other relatives, and spent most of our three or so hours together talking about all of that. It was super fun!

Aside from that, between my day job & story deadlines & family things I’ve been so busy that I can barely remember what day it is. 🙂 I wrapped up a short story I started about a week ago, had my editor (hi Mom!) review it, and it will be available as part of a collection at the beginning of August.

I’m working on a few other stories (all at once, because why not?), doing edits for anthologies I’m organizing, and visiting with some relatives who are in town, so it’s an extra busy week!!!

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