Making a point

My tomatillo plants are finally making tomatillos! Hooray! This was expected, of course, but I’m still excited every year when plants in my garden start doing whatever it is they’re supposed to do. It’s also kind of crazy to have a tomatillo plant that’s taller than me!


Last week was really crazy. Both my 3rd cousin, Joyce, and my husband’s brother+family were in town, I had to finish a new story, create a cover, and publish an ebook for a new anthology I’m participating in (more about this next week when it launches, but it’s available for pre-order if you want to peek now), and my day job was chock-full of meetings and organizing things. And the weather was super crazy hot!!!

The hot weather continued through the weekend, but I set up a fan by my desk and finished my edits on stories for an upcoming anthology I’m putting together with DeAnna Knippling. I also put together an interview with A.L. Butcher about the Here Be Monsters story bundle – that interview will be published next week. And I sent a new short story off to my editorial crew (Mom & Dad) for review.

Lately I’ve been thinking about how while it’s great to be making so much progress on my writing, it feels like there’s something missing. I spend my days at work, and most of my evenings and weekends on writing and dog-related tasks. Vacationing immediately comes to mind! But I can only take so many vacations, especially since most of my vacation time since I started my day job a year and a half ago has gone toward attending writing workshops. 🙂

I’ve decided to make a point of learning one new thing and having one new interesting experience each week. This won’t be as exciting as taking a trip, of course. And I probably already learn new things and have new experiences each week – I just don’t think about them. So I’m going to experiment by paying attention and on seeking out opportunities. Maybe this will help fill the gap until my next vacation, maybe not – but it should be fun nonetheless. And if nothing else, I’ll probably end up with a few more story ideas!

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