I finished my first ever non-fiction book!!!!!

And not only did I finish writing the book, I submitted it the day before my deadline. 🙂

Wow, was this a lot of work! I’m super happy with the book, and am immensely thankful that my editor, DeAnna Knippling, was able to squeeze my book in to her very busy schedule.

I’ve done pretty much nothing but work on this book for the past three weeks other than go to my day job, entertain Rosie and Jasper, and try to figure out what to do with a zillion tomatillos. I should get back to my normal overbooked schedule in a few days, but it’s great to have this project out of the way.

Here’s an update on new things I’ve learned and experienced in the past week!


I’m learning about how to con people! Don’t worry, I’m not about to do this myself. Plus I’m a terrible liar, and would be an utter failure at that line of work.

I’m reading The Big Con: The Story of the Confidence Man, by David Maurer. This book, which inspired the movie “The Sting,” was originally published in 1940, and is a written by a professor of linguistics who studied the language used by grifters and swindlers. I feel like I’m going to use some of what I’m learning in a story at some point, I just have no idea what, nor how.


I’m going to be repetitive and say my biggest experience of the past week was finishing my first non-fiction book. 🙂 Working on this book is pretty much all I can remember from the past week, anyway!

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